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parents are the “best” teachers

Paul Inzaghi


     parents are the best teachers
   Believe it or not, parents are the best teachers.It is a matter of fact,no matter whom you are or what position in the society you have, your basic beliefs and primary morals derive from your parents.
   How dare I to say that? Do you remember who were teaching your language,told you what you had done is right or not,and which direction you should go or what toys you might have, when you are still a child just crawling on the floor? Your parents,is not it?
   How? Parents' judgement potentially effects on the children's, not only when they are babies ,but even a rather long time when the children have grown up. The reason is simple.
   When we were in younger days, especially childhood,we nearly had not any judgement on surroundings. What we did our parents thought  right, we keep it. What our parents disliked or thought bad or wrong, then they asked us to kick it and of course we did, was treated as evil by ourselves naturally. Those attitudes towards circumstances,in childhood, mostly become the elements of composing our adult values.
   Therefore, the parents' elegant behavior and language is very important ,as far as their children's primary education is concerned. So, don't blame how stupid your children are or how rude they , because it is you who pass on to them your own bahavior , language,and gene. 

09:10 AM Jan 23 2008 |

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Stacy Dan

Stacy Dan


I believe what you had said ,but in a larger sense,I disagree,because there are still many more parents who are always misleading their childen,which lead them to behave differently and incorrectly even when they are grown-ups. I do not think all the parents are the best teachers of their childen,only one exception,when your parents are well-educated and very resonable,they themselves know a lot of things,and also they act very good,so I can say they are the best teachers of their childen.

But in the present society,most parents are always teaching much more unnecessary things even when their childen are still very young,they teach their childen that all things that gliter are gold,and that they have to realize their " own ambition'',actually,not their own,but their parents' ambitions,they always expect a lot of their childen and never let them  pursue their inner dreams,as a result,this kind of teaching became a wrong direction and a wrong guide, not the perfect way to make their childen learn ,I dare say that only a few parents set good examples to their childen,and many more are taught in a wrong way,their self-values are restrict by their parents when they were still a little kids,so that even when they are getting old,they may naturally act in the way that they are taught at an early age.Well,of course,this kind of teaching is not that bad enough,it just have some spots,i think,maybe when our next generation, when ourselves become parents.then we will know how to teacher our kids properly. 

12:55 PM Jan 23 2008 |



Yes absolutely right…...Parents are the best teachers for us…....

06:12 AM May 18 2012 |