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How to write a resume



Hi, everyone. I want to write a personal resume.How can i do.

08:33 AM Mar 04 2008 |

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I understood, You want to write autobiography. It's ok.

08:50 AM Mar 04 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


Most word processing programs have a 'template' that allows you to fill in your information and print out a basic resume. Word, Open Office and Microsoft Works all have these templates.

A resume is a kind of autobiography but it has more to do with your work history, your education and your interests or hobbies as well as your skills. 

Start with your education, list the major schools you attended, any awards that you may have won as well as the degrees or certificates you have obtained.

Next is your work history. The year, the city, the company and a short description of your duties as well as your achievements.

Then a little bit about you. Your hobbies, your interests.


In the US and Canada, resumes that are more than one page are ignored. We don't put pictures on the resume and we don't put birth dates or  sex or race/religion on the resume. In Canada, no one is allowed to ask you your age until after you are hired and your religion or race never comes into the discussion. Your own country may have different regulations. 

Do a search for sample resumes on Google. And good luck!! 

11:48 AM Mar 04 2008 |



Really Thanks.I learn more about the resume. I will try to make a personal resume and if i have question i will ask for your help again.THKS.

01:56 AM Mar 05 2008 |



Hong Kong

Try out monster.ca. There is a resume builder, if you follow the guide line, u should have no problem.

For many employees and employers, they don't have much ideas about writing a professional resume. For a pro. resume, one page is perfect. U may also add a last sentence "References Available Upon Request", and put 2-3 references on a new document. It's just in case employers asking for it. My professor prefer to have "References Available Upon Request"; however, i rarely use it.


01:01 PM Mar 05 2008 |




resume should be an abstract of one's educational feild ( it depends on feild u r applying for)

this is for educational side

just mention your name,contact adress including your email id

then the second step is just mention ur academics right from your school to till now with in a table

that is your school name,place,and your aggregate(your percentage)

then followed by your external intrests and hobbies that are fetching to them


06:47 AM Mar 09 2008 |




hmmm talking about resume… i'm busy making those things now…

yup for my bro, his friends, my sis, my other bro…

ohh man!!!! i am a PA

hwawawawawawa Yell

i don't know but in here we have to put pic, sex, age

so definitely one page is not enough :D

i just followed the examples that they gave to me…so some of the info r in the form of table(?newly discovered hahahah :D) 

some of the resume r in normal way (as i've been exposed by my teacher)

but is there specific word size n type of font that we need to use?


:D :D :D ^ ^ 

 uuuuhh i need 2 prepare for interview but i can't now :(

01:29 PM Apr 04 2008 |



i don’t know how to write a resume for the competition.  is the resume printing on  programm?

01:27 PM Jun 14 2011 |



a piano competition in Italy

01:42 PM Jun 14 2011 |