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why people quit them job???why people find job ?

03:58 AM Mar 12 2008 |

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little elephant

United States

i think it depends on different stage of life.

for me, i am willing to be a student in any positions, whatever high or low, before my 30 years old. cause' to experience more setbacks when we are young would be a treasure for our rest of lives.

but we 'd like to seek stable and comfortable lives after 30, cause' maybe we got married and have a child to bring up. we should become more responsible for our family. for this reason, we should not do what we like to only.

all in all, we should be rational to choose our jobs.

07:21 AM May 10 2008 |





10:03 AM May 12 2008 |




Before I find my present job, I have changed my job almost 5 times!! Laughing. 3 from 5 was in contract system, so if my contract finished, I moved to find another job..hugh.. very tired but I liked it! How U have to apply for new job, meet people with different character, new boss with different leader system..

08:10 AM May 14 2008 |



CryPeople quit their job, because they earn less money than deserve or their boss and job are boring. I quit my job because I would like to do a course abroad, so I did it. Now, I am looking for another one. SmileI don't regret that decision. I have sure I will find another one.

01:49 PM May 14 2008 |



Now, I have almost 5 years in my actual job.

Before my actual job I was working as programmer engineer, but I have to quit because of the work environment (too heavy for me) and the payment.

I think if you are not confortable in your work you must change it, because psychologically affects you, makes you feel sad or angry and you started to affect everyone around you, included your family. When you are happy in your work (it doesn´t matter if it has not the big salary you want) the people notes it even if they don´t tell you.

04:46 PM May 16 2008 |



why we have to find job?thus,everything in this world cannot live without money?if they can't find job,are they going to die?

04:54 PM May 16 2008 |



At least you or your parents are millionare you don´t need  to get a job.

In my house my mom, my grandparent and me help with money. Money is not everything and the most important thing in the world, but it really helps!


05:43 PM May 16 2008 |




they quit when they're dissatisfied with it or they've found something better and they get a job cause they're given one  lol

09:28 PM May 18 2008 |