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I want to find new friend who people want to join talk with me.




Hi.. everybody. I'm new member in website.

I want to learn english. because I not bad and not good in english and

I have problem with gramma. Who people can help me.


07:27 AM Nov 01 2006 |

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I am from Nepal , a beatifull himalayan smal country. I am also improving English. I also want and make friends to interact each other. I think t makes imprive English. So now I am introduciang my childhood memory for the topics. If you want to chat with me in English, please shair with me your childood memory. 


I am Achyon. I was born in a hiily village of Nepal. There are 100 household. They are indigenous of Nepal. We have our own language and cultural phenomenan. But the governament of Nepal imposed there single language education. Nepal's official language is Nepali, but we have our own language. Allmost half million people speaks that mothertong. 

When I was 6. I had joined school to study formar education. Fristly I had saw the teacher, who was not from my community. Their languge also deferent and their body structure also deferent then me. Long nose, tell and thin body. That was totally deferent from me. 

Fristly, when I was in class 1 there was not any problem for me. When I was upgrate to class to. They had baned my language and compulsory to speake Nepali just. One day I had spoken my mothertong. When teacher findout that he had punished me by the henmodle. He had beaten me so badly and I had stoped to go school. But my parents had not nay infromation about my obsence of school because I did not say to my parents because of fair. 

After one month, theacher had complented my mother about my absence in the class. My mother had beaten me so badly, I was sleep two day and night. When my mother had found the mistreat by the teacher, She had sefted me to another school.  But I had faced another problem in there also. 

Now, I am thinking. What dedly childhood for me. But it is not falt of my teacher and my mother. That was the situation of national educational enveronment. I think, It is not only my experece, many children are facing that typs problem around the world including my homeland. Let's fight together agains the situation, Firstly please change own your home, country them around the world.

It is my first and saddy experece, I have so many intersting experences Like, humor, adventures and educational also. please come and joint us.




10:17 AM Nov 04 2006 |