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prefix and suffix about mc, o', ston,...




 Well, i found that there are  english words with prefix or suffix, such as McDonald, O'brian, kingston,...

can someone please explain them about them? what do they mean?

05:36 AM Mar 23 2008 |

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The prefixes Mac or Mc in many Scottish or Irish names comes from the Gaelic word "mac" which meant "son of"

so McDonald means "son of Donald"  etc.

the O' prefix has a similar meaning. In Gaelic it meant "grandson of" so O'Brian would mean grandson of Brian


the -ston suffix I am not sure about, but my guess would be it's similar to the German -stein which means stone.


If there are people who know more about the origins of family names here maybe they can offer more insight or correct me if I am wrong.  


10:23 AM Mar 23 2008 |