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Do you think it's true?



Dan Robinson had been worried all week. Last Tuesday he received a letter from the local police. In the letter he was asked to call at the station. He wondered why he was wanted by the police, but he went to the station yesterday and now he is not worried anymore. At the station, he was told by a smiling policeman that his bicycle had been found. Five days ago, the policeman told him, the bicyle was picked up in a small village four hundred miles away. It is now being sent to his home by train. Dan was most surprised when he heard the news. He was amused too, because he never expected the bicyle to be found. It was stolen twenty years ago when Dan was a boy of fifteen!


This is one of our lessons. Do you think it's true?

I think it may true, because the thief no need the bicyle, it's too old & it has many rust, it can't work. The thief threw it away in a small village four hundred miles.

01:42 AM Mar 25 2008 |

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  • 沙发坐坐
  • 可惜,没看懂,课程的内容!

02:40 AM Mar 25 2008 |



You are naughty, you can't speak Chinese here.Wink

03:10 AM Mar 25 2008 |



Perhaps it is true,I also have learnt this lesson before. 

03:50 AM Mar 25 2008 |



I just learnt it last night.

04:16 AM Mar 25 2008 |



I think it is false

Because the rail of the bike would rust and disappear at twenty years

05:45 AM Mar 25 2008 |