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Do anybody know,how to create a own profile?




Please help me,I want know how to add music and so on to my profile!


08:14 PM Mar 31 2008 |

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I just can recommend U asking it to my friend "Prince-XS" from China..he is very kind and gave me the way to make over my profile..lets visit his profile: prince-XS  OK? or..maybe if he is busy in his study now,  I can give U the way he ever teached me to make over  profile, check this out:

1. About music:

You only need to find a music-player . i find a player in http://www.myflashfetish.com/  .of caurse you can find some others.

after choosing your favorite color,type,style,you should find the URL of your favorite songs.such as http://www.5iout.com/upfile/liyu/music/enrique%20iglesias-04-hero.mp3 ,which is the URL of a song named hero.insert the URL and name in the list of your player.

when you finish that ,you will get the codes of the music-player.then you insert the codes into your profile ,then you will get the player.

2. add picture or something: 

"the way to change the background of your ebaby profile space".

03:10 AM Apr 01 2008 |