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How u love some one who does not love u ?

abdou 123

abdou 123


if there is a girl /guy that u love so mush

but the problem is …. he/she do not love u

what would u do ?

just tell because i am waiting …........

09:18 AM Apr 11 2008 |

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if this case comes to me… i think i won't tell him that i love him.i will keep silent.

if he is in trouble,i will help him;

if he is happy,then i will be happy;

if he is sad,i will cry for him;

if one day he dont need me any more,i will walk away.andi will give my best wishes to him to find the one he loves…

that's my way of loving him.

08:32 AM Apr 12 2008 |

cat m

cat m


oh, good qestion, but still now i just love myself and my family^^

08:45 AM Apr 12 2008 |




please forget it.

03:54 PM Apr 12 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi ^


i agree with ( Lousia ) 100% ! that's my way ..

even though , it might not be the best way!



thanks abdou ^



04:39 PM Apr 12 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

hey abdou:

i dono what can i do? but…... probably try to be far for a while.. its not easy though…and i dono if i could do that..

03:22 PM Apr 13 2008 |

abdou 123

abdou 123


hi thank u for all of ur words

u knowwhy i write this question because i am in love and u know the problem so

thank u who help me

pls write more

03:50 PM Apr 13 2008 |




when he already has a girlfriend

i will pray for his happiness

when he have a girlfriend who is my bestfriend

i give him to her :D

when he said he hates me

i just smile n be cool

when he broke up

i cheer him up

when he's lonely

i found another girl for him

when he has a new girlfriend

i wish him good luck

when he had a fight with her

i give him some tips to win her back

when he said something bad about her

i just be cool n said "she's the best don't worry"

when he broke up again

i said "u're kidding right??"

when he feels sad again

i try to give him a lot of advise

when he wants me

i said "i'm not the best for u"

when he likes me 

i said "i hate u"

when he found another girl

i feel so glad for him :D 


because i love myself n care about those wrinkles under my eyes… no time to think about this bwahahahahah :D 

04:31 PM Apr 13 2008 |




Casiol is right


01:07 AM Apr 14 2008 |



no. in my case he does not know that i love him. but he promote other person and be the middle-man. what should i do. i'm so sad.


09:08 AM Apr 14 2008 |

Paul Wang

Paul Wang


It will be too hard to tell if you are not in that situation. But I think if you really love her/him, you should try your best to have his/her heart. I think if you really love her/him, you will be the best one which can give her/him better life.If you are , why not go ahead?

09:34 AM Apr 14 2008 |