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How u love some one who does not love u ?

abdou 123

abdou 123


if there is a girl /guy that u love so mush

but the problem is …. he/she do not love u

what would u do ?

just tell because i am waiting …........

09:18 AM Apr 11 2008 |

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First of all I want to know why does she hate me and after that I will remove my mistakes whatever she doesn't like and after that I think she will accept me b'coz I want to never depressed in my life.

08:47 AM Apr 15 2008 |

Paul Wang

Paul Wang


AngelSmile }

I think we have some misunderstanding for easy and difficult of love.

If you love somebody and she/he loves u wither, it will be very easy, but if she/he does not love u, I think this situation will be a little bit difficult. But if you put yourself in sad situation, it will be too difficult for you.

Have easy love, does not mean some superficial things, it means you should make your love easy. Or say, if he/she does not love you, just show yourself and let him/her love you. Take it easy, it is not argue with u, just make something more clear.

01:54 AM Apr 17 2008 |




Cannot make the lover to work as good friend

04:13 AM Apr 17 2008 |




send one song to her "i dont love you" by my chemical romance.hehehe

08:16 AM Apr 17 2008 |




or "when i'm gone" by simple plan

>> you're gonna miss me when i'm gone :D 

bwahahah :D

08:58 AM Apr 17 2008 |