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Pls help!



Hong Kong

Pls help my daughter's homework, many thanks!!!

I am a teacher. I work in a school.I have many students.Some students are good, but some students make many problems. These students are _ .

A. naughty  B. nice

I dont know These students means all students or only some make many problems,

so can anyone help me, please???


03:50 AM Apr 27 2008 |

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United States

Your answer is A. naughty. 

02:30 PM Apr 27 2008 |




yup it's naughty :D

it refers to the students who make problems :p

hmm when i read it again i'm not that sure lol 

03:19 PM Apr 27 2008 |



Hong Kong

 LeonardoBaker & Casio,

We've got full marks yesterday,Thanks a lot !Laughing

06:48 AM Apr 28 2008 |