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What's your favourite proverb?

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

Hello, everyone! I’m from Russia and i’d like to collect some wise phrases. Could you share your favourite proverb in english or other languages?

03:58 AM Apr 29 2008 |

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mechergui rafik


to achieve you dreams what you can do?
remember your A to Z
A avoid negative sources,people , places ,thing and hobits
B belive in yourself
C considuthings from every angle
D don't give up and don't give in
E enjoy life to day , yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come
F family and Friend are hidden treasures , seek them and enjoy their riches
G give more than planned to
H hang on to your drams
I ignore those who try to discourage you
J just do it
K keep trying no metter how hard it seem ,it will get easier ,love yourself and most
M make it happen
N never lie , cheat or steal, always strke a fair deal openyour eyes and see things as they really are practice makes perfect
Q quitters never winer and winners never quit
R raed and learn about every thing important in your life
S stop procrastintinatinting
you always you are unique of all god's creations nothing can replace you
Z zero in on you target and go for it

09:07 AM Nov 21 2008 |




Every mountain has a peak,Every valley has its low point,life has its ups and dowms ,its peaks and its low points,Nobody is up all the time,nor are they down all the time,Problem do end, they are all resovled in time!

02:22 PM Nov 21 2008 |

Noelia Natalín



02:56 PM Nov 21 2008 |