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What kind of books are YOU reading?




What kind of books are YOU reading?

World or national books? 

11:01 AM May 03 2008 |

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both national and world book, as long as interesting book I will read it. Interesting? yeah..I mean most of book is best seller and "controversial title"..

09:05 AM May 05 2008 |




today after breakfast i was talking with my wife and my 15 year old daughter about the ebaby topic "female circumcision in Sudan and Egypt" http://www.englishbaby.com/forum/LifeTalk/thread/233747?page=3

oh my wife is full of surprise, even after 30 years…she has known this problem of young girls …and even a book about this topic we have in our book shelf i think now i will read it it is called

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Desert Flower (secondary title: The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad) is a book published in 1998, about the life of Waris Dirie, a crusader for social reform in Somalia, particularly as it applies to ritual female genital mutilation. This is one of the biggest problems for the female population in Somalia today.

This book embraces nomadic culture, and brings to life an amazing story about a young desert girl who raises up to be a highly esteemed fashion model.

The book has been translated into Dutch, German, French, Swedish, Slovene and Croatian and was followed by Desert Dawn and Desert Children.


07:04 PM Dec 07 2008 |




Well, these days I'm reading "Le Zahir" written by  Paulo Coelho (I'm reading the French translation), I like the way he writes, it's very interesting.

09:27 AM Dec 10 2008 |

trial of tears


i like to read  English novels and especially those of VICTORIAN ERA

10:04 AM Sep 18 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like novels n short stories.my fav writer is Tolstoy. he has  great short stories. 

05:25 PM Sep 18 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

I like reading religious books , stories and novels..

07:12 PM Sep 18 2009 |




i like reading many a kinds of book..novels' my favorite..i'm now reading The Red and The BlackSmile

08:46 AM Oct 08 2009 |




after work, i seldom reading, but i found reading a good book is a very good habit for man,which can purify our heart. So i decided to start reading again, . I like life magazine, military book, and entermainment book

04:09 AM Oct 10 2009 |



Russian Federation

Stephen King, Ray Bradburry, Chuck Polanick, J.Joys, Haruki Murakami, Graham Joys, Ira Levin and many others among sciense fiction, thrillers, mistics, detectives, psycological novels. These days I prefer to read in original language. Among Russian authors I like B.Akunin and V.Pelevin.

07:54 AM Oct 12 2009 |



I am reading the third (and last) part of "The Wind-up Bird Chronicle" by Haruki. I love the work of Haruki, the first novel was "Kafka on the Shore". That's perfect. Then "Norwegian Wood" became my other favourite one.

Btw, I love novels, comics, history books…

I really like reading books side by side to each others.

My current list:

Ferenc Karinthy: Diary (1967-69)

Haruki: The Wind-up Bird Chronichle

Abercrombie: The Blade Itself


My greatest favourite is the Troy-trilogy by David Gemmell. 

Don't hesitate to read it! :)

07:24 PM Oct 12 2009 |