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who is good at finding out mistakes?


Viet Nam

I am demuring at what the mistakes in these sentences are.Please help me find them and could you spare your little time to correct them for me?Thanks in advance!
Sentence 1 is:'She hasn't much money to spend because she can find out only a part-time job'
Sentence 2 is:'If an ambulance isn't coming soon,the passenger who has many deep cuts in the head and shoulders will bleed to die'
Sentence 3 is:'English has become a world language because of its establishment as a mother-tongue out of England'
I can only find out the mistake in the sentence 2 which is the word 'die',and I turn it into 'death'.But i am not sure about my correction.

03:38 AM May 06 2008 |

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Viet Nam

I don't agree 100% with nad1a,because i think the word 'find' is often followed by 'out' and they have the same meaning. Anyway,thank you ver much!

02:54 AM May 09 2008 |



Sri Lanka

the word 'find' is often followed by 'out

Enter only the word "find" in the Google search box and click Search. Then, note how many rows you will need to scroll-up to see the words "find out". You will probably note that in many of the sentences, "find" is not followed by "out".



06:50 AM May 09 2008 |


Viet Nam

Oh lexass,this is an English forum so i want to get may ideas and what about you?What's you idea about the others sentence?I am learning Bri Einglish.

And tiffintime,i understand your view now and i got it.Thanks again!

03:23 AM May 10 2008 |


Viet Nam

Oh,by the way,I have just found a sentence that makes me confused.Please help me correct it!Thanks in advance!

"The old passenger,maybe in his early fifty,seemed to avoid being attended to by the young flight attendant."

03:46 AM May 10 2008 |




exactly!!! an english forum, so allow people to get their ideas through to you:-)



07:28 AM May 13 2008 |