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Wanna be my friend, dudes? Looking for these countries.



South Korea

I'm mainly looking for these countries to talk each other. no offence, it doesn't mean that I hate countries not written on my content. and I'm very interested in all lingoes, so it can be neat to me to learn about your mother tongue! just let me know the basic of conversation such as "hello, bye, etc.." here's the lists I like to make friends from their country :D

Korea(South, North), Japan, China, Canada, U.S, North Africa, Malaysia, Philipine, Singapore, Spain, Zameica, German, France, Africa, Greece, Vietnam, Turkey, Thiland, Saudi arabia, New zealand, Austria, Austrailia, Jordan, Tai, india, HongKong, Sri Lanka, Angola, Norway, Russia, denmark, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, myanma, Samoa, Sudan, Uganda, Iran, Iraq, Israel, and yemen.

Gosh, there're many countries I'd love to make.. but I don't care which your country is. I'm always welcome for your message or add for MSN! OMG, I missed my word!

I can speak Korean(Fluently), Chinese(A little of bit), Japanese(A little fluently), and English(A little fluently).

Hope your best regard!

08:26 AM May 15 2008 |

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hi there , i think maybe we can be friends

james654787697 at hotmail.com

09:22 AM May 15 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

Hello … I'm from Saudi Arabia and we have a primary language is Arabic All Arab states involved in the same language but different dialects
Such as Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Lebanon are Arab countries and speaks Arabic but they differ in dialects

10:45 AM May 15 2008 |



South Korea

Good, hope you're doing great!!

02:15 PM May 15 2008 |



South Korea

I didn't know there were dialects like Korea, either! Thanks for your information about Saudi Arabia!

02:16 PM May 15 2008 |




well i would like to represent my country Philippines in this Forum, hehehe just want to say hello and hope i could learn better the different qualities and personalities between countries, and also to have a friend

 ok bye and mabuhay!!!

08:19 AM May 16 2008 |



Hi!I`m from russian speaking coumtry? and want live in Japan! I speak english very bad…shimatta!

10:54 AM Nov 09 2008 |



hi i would like to meet corean people see youi hope answers bye

01:31 AM May 08 2009 |



hi i would like to meet you i like corean people see you soon

03:20 AM May 10 2009 |



"สวัสดี" this is hello in thai


^^ nice to meet you

03:42 AM May 10 2009 |




there's no indonesia in your list

01:37 PM May 10 2009 |