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Why is this world so fucked up, come out with your opinion guys and galz




My name is Jitesh and I am from India, I guess you would know where is India but for those people who don't know where is India it is in south Asia.

I am very disturbed and pissed off with what is happening in the world. There is so much of bloodshed, corruption, hypocrisy, double standards and other thing that are rampant in this world nowadays. 

That is why I have given this caption “Why is this world so fucked up “ and that’s the reason I have started this forum. The reason for starting this forum is to get people from all over the world to present there forthright views and to get some concrete ideas regarding this issue, On how we can improve this world and what can be done by an ordinary citizen like us, So that we are able to contribute to this world in a better way.


09:13 AM Dec 19 2006 |

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United States

"We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is." Dr. Vonnegut

That is, by far, the best explanation of the meaning of life I've ever come across, and it simplifies the answer to your question, Jitesh, a question that has been on the lips of humankind from the very beginning.

History has taught us that the rise and fall of civilization is as natural and inevitable as the rise and fall of the sea. As individuals, our greatest achievment is to be as harmless as possible, and, when the opportunity arises, to help our brothers and sisters around the world when this question works its way out of their throats, when they've had enough of the world and need to hear a voice or feel a connection with humanity. Exchange of positive emotion. Love.

That's a long way of saying I don't know why the world is fucked up, or if it really is fucked up. It's the only way the world, as a whole, can be right now. To change billions of minds would be the equivalent of changing the direction of Earth's orbit around the sun. It's the world. All we can do is breathe and find all the beauty we can before the end. All else is, frankly and unfortunatly, out of our hands.


06:08 AM Sep 14 2007 |




good place to learn English ,Wink it should be put into "Life Talk " ,isn't it  (just kidding) .

Jitesh , I think we are so weak to change all of those , our sounds are so slight , there is  no power to speak Loudly out of the civilians . we all know what is good and what is bad ,but it is different between what we "should" do & what we "have to "do …

08:17 PM Sep 14 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago



Keep selling crazy people guns.

Surely if you know someone is psychotic you would not give them weapons to kill others don't you think?

If any of these "world leaders" were really interested in peace they would stop manufacturing killing machines in the first place.  


If you work for the government or other public agency refuse to do it.

Even if that means quitting your job if you can. (I did this :)

If you are asked to pay a bribe, even if you can afford it don't pay it.

Don't call your friends to make things happen, when the system fails.

I am not saying be a victim of the lack of public services either.

If you can afford it, pay privately. And help those you can.

Do not fear soldiers with their guns, and do not let them confiscate your food.

Fight for life to the death. 

Hypocrisy & Double standards

Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Give people lifts for free, if you see them waiting for transport.

This applies even if you are a tourist.

I have been doing it ever since I went visiting somewhere and waited over two hours for public transport. This was not somewhere far out, twenty minutes from the capital. One or two taxi drivers passed by and there was a little boy maybe ten, saying "he can not give we a lift, he gone for them white people"

Volunteer at NGOs

I am teaching adults to read and write. Which is why I visit this website. If anyone wants to give me extra practice correcting something they wrote let me know.



07:32 PM Sep 15 2007 |



I am listening to an audiobook this week by Christopher Hitchens. It's called "God is not Great: How Religion Poisons everything"

Hitchens might say that the world is so fucked up because of organized religion.

I might be inclined to agree. 

11:04 PM Nov 12 2007 |

andy wu

andy wu

United States

You people have mental problem!!! This world is not fucked up!!! This world is beautiful!!!

You people should take it easy and take a vacation. Come to Las Vegas, you will explore the good side of the world.

06:03 AM Nov 13 2007 |




Las Vegas? one of the arm pits of the world?


where all tht people care about is your money? thats beautiful?


no, two Enemies, born into a multigenerational colonflic realizing that they and their children dont have to pay with their lives for acts of their parents. forgiving and moving on.

trilions being  spent o n medicine and education, not war.

development for the betterment of our Race, yes we are all one race. human. 

THAT is beautiful.




08:33 AM Dec 05 2007 |




you know jitesh I got your point.. but the world is not fucked up!? try to look around you. What do you see? try to search places, or different countries.. Here in philippines if you see our palawan, and boracay its like paradise. in mexico and  puerto rico, africa safari.. etc. the world is the better place to lived in.

some people who do fucking things in the world. The corrupt government, big companies that contribute air pollutions, gambling lords, pedophiles and most specially TERRORISM. they ruining our place..abused and even don't care about our mother earth.

Did you know that God created the World? in Genesis, God created heaven and earth.

maybe you have to change your topic to "Why some people do fucking things around the world"? 

10:35 AM Dec 05 2007 |




here on this topic everyone enlighten according to their personal experience.i do respect to all opinion but we can't blame to everyone. not all fingers of hand are equal.

a person who created or invented something did they know how the people treat their inventions or creation?

same like GOD created this universe and people and he leave it upon us how can we treated to his creation.

if some people from any kind of nation they did corrupt things then what about those who are doing good things from same nation or country?

why we are not taking it like optimist.it is a heaven except terrirosm,corrupt people.


11:11 AM Dec 05 2007 |