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why do people deceive their partner



there are a lot of people who deceive their partner in all over the world.All right! Have you ever thought thought why they do this.in your opinion for funny for excitement, for revenge, for taste which one

10:55 AM Dec 22 2006 |

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it is very good question like you ı think who meet a man like you she decive certainly

10:59 AM Dec 22 2006 |




as one of them who wanna over his partner 's business  or profit .if they are help each other and must be cooperate together to get the successeful whom will never give up his partner ,then  they will work hard to realize the goal of them.

03:43 AM Dec 23 2006 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

One of the most important ways is to select a good partner and know him/she as well, and then you should be very smart.

05:39 AM Dec 23 2006 |