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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Do you think chatting is a good way to learn English? I don't think so!

What's your opinion about it?

09:05 AM Dec 27 2006 |

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i want to know what do you think is the best way.


12:15 PM Dec 27 2006 |




 I am not going tell chating is a good way of learning english.But it a one of the way to improve.Through the chat we can make lot friends.They may be from anywhere. So that  language sharing will happen there. Not only language sharing but also we can share our thoughts to them. If you chat with them you can improve you writing skills.

With friendly,



03:11 PM Dec 27 2006 |



wow! for me chatting is a good way to learn but it is necessary for us to know a lot of words and i think that make new friends who write me and send me e-mails will be helpful

08:53 PM Dec 27 2006 |