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Hello, everyone!

I need a native english speaker`s help, if possible. It`s about the name that i chose for a kids`club , where kids are to study and spend time doing all kinds of useful activities . sort of a "smarty nanny`s", if you want… . So, after considering the qualities that our smart and fit kid mascot must have (sort of einstein`s and arnold swartzenegger`s grandson…he he!), we thought about FRIZZLY as a very nice name for this face that has to appear all over the place(in brochures,  posters, commercials, etc).

I would really appreciate if some native speaker who can perfectly understand the meaning of this word could find a little time to put down his/her ideas.

Thank you very in advance, i`m looking forward to reading your lines!

07:11 PM Jun 18 2008 |