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United Kingdom

HI i am shamil, i would like to thank english baby. i need some friends who are with mic WITH MIC.i want to improve english. i welcome who are good in english as well as improving like me. i belive if anyone who wants to improve their english speaking skill this is the eazyest way..  so come on will chat with MSN with mic                cooool ha         this is my msn          hishamil   at hotmail.com

keyboard also doesnt matter

07:58 PM Jun 20 2008 |

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Secretary of state

Saudi Arabia

Hi, Shamil…

 I'm Yasser from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I would like to improve my english with you in a MSN by Mic.

and if you have a Skype is better of us…

so, be my friend.

this is my E-mail:

thank you very much..


01:43 AM Jun 21 2008 |