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<!-==text==begin==-> Hi,I heard very oftenon TV that people abbrev “did” to “d” inconversation, like
How’d you make that?
This is very confusing to me, ‘cause I can’ttell “do” and “did” when they abbrev as such. Howdo you make it?

Another question. In whatsituation does one say “aint” instead of “is not”“are not” or “am not”?

Still another question.Do we say “As for that question, ...” or “As tothat question, ...”?

Thank you.



12:24 AM Apr 01 2000 |

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I think when talking you can assume did or do.  Unfortunately, you would have to understand the context of the sentence.

Your example "How'd you make that?"   it does not matter if it is did or do.  Because all you have to answer is how it is made and not worry about when it was  or will be made.

That is a hard question for me to answer and I hope I answered it in a way that helped and did not confuse.


 And never say ain't. Unless you want to sound uneducated.  In that case it does take the place of "is not" , "am not" and  "are not".


The last question I have no idea which is better. I think they are interchangable but I have not heard those statements much and don't use those statements much.

02:46 AM Apr 03 2009 |