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article correcting--correct my grammartical mistakes~THanx



Yesterday, after I read the article of Case Studies. I realized that it was not enough to finish reading this book for reading it two pages a day. Therefore, I should find a better way. Through a period of time, I found a better way for reading this book. I decided to read it 6 pages a day at least, unless I have to do something in necessary.

OK, let’s get down to business! Today, I read 4 articles because I should do what I said. For the part of operationally defining the hypothesis, I know a more clearly way which we design a good hypothesis. On the other hand, for the part of reliability, It tell me that how to do a reliable survey. As a good survey, it should provide the same result as if others’ experimenter inspects it time after time. Moreover, experimenter should know whether the research is already offered the comparable data. It is very important for getting your research result. The measurement of survey design is important as well. To be honest, I will be having a real research in the following 2 months.

09:01 PM Jul 18 2008 |

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I noticed only one in line 15 it should be It tells me ….you forgot S only Smile


09:54 PM Jul 18 2008 |


United States

"I know a more clearly way" I'm pretty sure it should be I know a more clear way. "On the other hand, for the part of reliability, It tell me that how to do a reliable survey."it should be tells and it should be lowercase." I will be having a real research in the following 2 months"This line is a little confusing. But other than those that was really good! Impressive!

04:04 PM Jul 25 2008 |




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11:13 AM Apr 28 2009 |