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shops in U.S ??


United Arab Emirates

hi America natives …Laughing

i need your help espcially the girls ..Embarassed

actually my father will travel tomorrow to U.S, so i am wondering about the shops there, i what some names of a nice shopes and its websites << i would love to show dady what i want before he leave or even send for him the pictures of the stuffs which i like !!

waiting for your reply … don't let me down ^^

07:33 AM Jul 27 2008 |

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United Arab Emirates

Hahaahaa Okay boy thanks for coming here Tongue out

I heard him said that his work will be in '' Washington D.C '' the capital .. mmmm indeed, i want some nice and new style of clothes, jackets, shoes and bags … So ?


10:02 AM Jul 27 2008 |




Ohh it is too stupidly.. Isn't there any shops in ur country?..

Ohhh I forgot.. Arabs are rich.. So you can shopping from other countries.. And be proud of it!

Ohh…Too stupidly… Will you have more things when you shop from US or America or Italy…. or others…. ?

Will you have anything? Ohh no..U will lose a lot of thing.. Money.. Opssss It is not important.. U can earn it another time…


And you can't earn this feeling other times…

But there are millions of poor ppl in the World…

Have u even though them, when shopping?

Ohhh… You will never find the feeling of pity in ur heart..

I am sure, I am not a kid.. And believe me,

I have never met a person more intelligent than me…

Trust me..

Ppl die becasue of hunger… But u r thinking about shoopping from US..

You can earn money,buy clothes…But never can find PITY in ur heart!


12:54 PM Jul 27 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

 haahaa we have many malls here … BUT it's too expensive, and my family is simple family ( have an specific earn )

did you think that dady will buy for me something expensive , Oh girl i always tell him that if he find something deserve  its price buy it, if NOT don't lose your money on it ….  about Poor ppl, i just now came from mall and guess there are always that box (to put some money for poor ppl ) and I putted what i am able inside it ( I don't have to explain for you my actions, do I ?? )So you tell me that the Only one in this life sympathy with poor ppl ?? Ooh you are really a good girl … I hope to complete your humble work and talk to ppl in this way to sympathy with poor ppl !After all ! you don't know me well, so you don't have the rights to talk about me in this way … it's your luck that you are not in front in my face …… ( you don't know what I want to do if so ) ….Okay can I cry … you don't go shopping at all right? Do you use the same clothes every single day ? <- MMmmm just wondering ?<<< – I got nothing against you ! thanks for being here !!


02:56 PM Jul 27 2008 |




Oohoo.. Sis! :) Of course I go shopping..Maybe often..maybe hardly ever.. It is not important..

I meant > To shop from Euporen countires are too extravagant! And stupidly.. U should shop from ur own country.. It will be so good for ur country's economy..


You don't have to explain something to me.. Who I am..Maybe nothing! 

Arabs are the richest ppl in the World… Also they are the poorest! Now a lot of ppl die in Pakistan or other Arab countires…

But i didn't find a big help that rich Arabs give to them…

Ahaaa… Arabs are Americans are '' comrade ''

I love Arab ppl.. They are very good and friendly…But hate their government!!!!! Their king has golden-toilet..

But other muslims are dieing becasue of hunger!!


Then they think that Arabs are the most religious muslims in the World..

Woww wowww !

Trust me > I am more religious than most of them!

Allah bless all ppl in the World… then bless me…





04:41 PM Jul 27 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

I know ! it just dady offer to buy something from their for me .. i am not gonna to buy all my stuffs from their girl !! duhhh..Of course not ! i want just an different thing not offer here !

So, you prefer forgien ppl than Arab ?? ya it's clear that they are helping those dieing ppl …

As U said u r Nothing ! and if i opened this topic (( i won't be able to shut up and they will throw me in prison '' Maybe worse '' hahaaaahaaa …

On of my dreams is to help Poor ppl in all over the world ! just to let u know …

P.s : for future … don't throw any words in ppl u don't know about them … plus, if u want to give ur opinion OR advice give it in polite way, and don't talk about yourself as u r the geatest person in this world ! ppl won't give u their attention ..

04:06 AM Jul 28 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Ops so sorry Nu Pogodi i just now noticed ur second reply ..

wow ! i checked the web it's great show you the address of the place, and how to call them and many other info. Yet,

mmm i knew know the name of some malls, but what i need it is the website for its to see what is avilable there from stuffs and u know the prcises like this website for example,


it may be there ! but i couldn't find it i checked everywhere .. Can u help me in that too ? Embarassed sorry to bother u again !

04:14 AM Jul 28 2008 |


Russian Federation

CAn i cry, maybe he wants  some american clothes lol

06:11 AM Jul 28 2008 |



Sri Lanka

This is not in Washington D. C., but a good site for buying difficult-to-get clothing items is Lands' End in the U.S.



06:36 AM Jul 28 2008 |




Oohoo..Ohoo..Ohoo :D

I didn't said that I am the greatest person in the World.

I am everything, or I am nothing.. Sister I am not trying to prove myself to others or to you! Myself and Allah know me..So i don't care what others think about me. I know myself… Allah knows myself..

I am an ordinary girl..


I don't prefer foreings than Arabs…!

Actually Arabs are foreign for me! Ohoo I am Turkish-Kurdish-Armenian! Not Arab

And already I love all foreigns, Arabs, Chinese, Brazalian, Italian, Portugulian, Greece, Indonesian …. and others

But I don't like all governments becasue of their stupidly system and politics.. And one of them is Arab counties..Other is Israel, Other is USA


Opsss… I am enough polite.. I didn't judge you..It is ur choice..But for me, a stupidly idea..

And I don't need attention from others!

Becoz I know myself…

Allah knows myself!


Bye! Have a nice day.


02:39 PM Jul 28 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Thank u so much Nu Pogodi, i bothered u a lot !! ya dady does know my sizes but he don't know what the styles i like so i seeked in that website u sent ( Amazon ) i really liked it, it's great, there are many stuffs attrack me …

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Nu Pogodi =) u helped me a lot ! Embarassed


06:37 PM Jul 28 2008 |