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shops in U.S ??


United Arab Emirates

hi America natives …Laughing

i need your help espcially the girls ..Embarassed

actually my father will travel tomorrow to U.S, so i am wondering about the shops there, i what some names of a nice shopes and its websites << i would love to show dady what i want before he leave or even send for him the pictures of the stuffs which i like !!

waiting for your reply … don't let me down ^^

07:33 AM Jul 27 2008 |

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United Arab Emirates

ya russian girl, Maybe but can I cry didn't like that idea ! i will tell my father that he has to take her agreement hahaahh

thanks for coming here Russia girl Wink

06:39 PM Jul 28 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

Thanks tiffintime i am gonna to check it now ;) thanks again ..

06:41 PM Jul 28 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

" I am an ordinary girl "Surprised

is someone said something else !

"But I don't like all governments becasue of their stupidly system and politics"

unfortuately, in this i am agree with U ! Foot in mouth

( i talked about malls and here we are talking about governments ( G r e a t ) what about open new topic there can i cry and we will dsciuss about it … ?

And I don't need attention from others!Cry

 ya it's so clear ! comn on little girl … you can cry if you want ! non will stope u (( crying help u to over come ur problems )).

Allah knows myself!Wink sure he does

Allah know everything happening in this world ! did i say something else ! and please are you really Muslime ? i am Araban & Muslime ..  and Muslimes talk to each other in polite way ! Foot in mouth

anyway honey!! dady said to you if u want something from America just tell me we will send it to U later ;) good offer what do you think ? Money mouth



06:53 PM Jul 28 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

wwooow i really liked these websites there are many interested and new styles ! I think I will contact them to see if they ship to my country or not coz I know dady If i tell him to bring the black color he will bring the white hahaaahaaa! anyway .. Thanks again friend i really appreciate your supported here Laughing Thanks …

08:48 AM Jul 29 2008 |




:D No thanks! :) I don't want anything from ur Dad! :) Ohoo I don't like presents.. I just take some presents from my famiy or close firends.


Ohoo..Not just muslim ppl, ALL PPL talk with each other with polite ways.. And i didn't say any rude word to you.. If so, SORRY

Yepp..I think I am enogh muslim.. ISlam has 5 important worships.

1.Namaz = I already pray 5 times in a day since I was 12.

2.Fast = I already do it every Ramadans!

3.Go to the Hajj ( Arabistan) = It is too early to go Mekke for Hajj..But i will go.. This worship is a bit for old ppl.

4.Zekat ( to give money or somethning like it to poor ppl)  = I am so young to do it. But my family do it every year for me too.

5.To say Kelime-i Şahadet ( Bismillarirrahmanirrahm) = Ohoo I say this word when i start doing something..Maybe 100 time in a day!

Ok.. You see, I am enough muslim..

And Don't say > You don't take scarf.. Ohoo No it is not condition of ISLAM.. It is a part of Arab culture…

But to take scarf, is very good for ISLAM..I know it!  And I never say that I won't take it in future.. Who know, May i will take 2morrow, maybe NEver

But it is not a condition of ISLAM


Anyway…. :) Have a nice day with looking a shop in net..


(Kidding) You said to me ''Little girl'' :D Ohoo Don't forget..Little girls are always make jokes :D




01:49 PM Jul 29 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

hahaahahhh … Can I Cry …. I am sorry i Might i misunderstand u ! it seems that you are a good person ! But somehow that way of talking felt ME something ( I will keep it in My inside) yah ! u don't have to wear Hijab but it's writen i Quran! and it's a part of some other countries' culutre like urs …

Thanks woman ! ops sorry little girl ! hahaa kidding again i am sure the u will be a good mother,wife, and woman in the Future .. wish u all the best my sis in Islam ! ;)

have a great day too Wink

05:21 PM Jul 29 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

She meant that some kings have lot of money but they don't care about their ppl or even to improve their country! Maybe, i understood it like that !



06:05 AM Jul 30 2008 |