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can anyone help me please?



Hi everybody. I need help with changing an active sentence to passive voice.
How should I change these sentences into passive voice.?
1. People say that he is the best.    passive – He is said to…...........?
2. People say that he was the best.  passive – He is said to…............?
3. We can't find his bag anywhere.   passive - She…....................?
4 People say that that new store will be opened next tuesday.   passive – New store is said to…...............?

Are there any rules how passive is created in cases like these written above…?
Thanks in advance.. Bebe79

08:25 AM Jan 29 2007 |

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United States

1.  People said he was the best.

2.  Same.

3.  We couldn't find his bag anywhere.

4.  The new store was supposed to open next Tuesday.

02:39 AM Jan 30 2007 |




Language is not exact like mathematics, here are the others suggestion:

1. He is said to be the best.

2. He was said to be the best.

3. His bag can not be found anywhere.

4. The new store is said to be opened next tuesday.

12:01 AM Jan 31 2007 |



Active form: [SUBJECT] [VERB] [OBJECT]

Passive form: [Active Form OBJECT]  + be   in the same tense of the verb in the active]+ [VERB Past Participle] by [Active Form SUBJECT]

01:03 PM Jan 31 2007 |