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How to improve my spoken english, thanks!



hello, everybody,

           Nice to meet everyone!

           I am a project engineer, and I'll use spoken english on my work, but my spoken english is not very good, so I want to improve my spoken english, but I don't hnow how can i make it?

           If you have some experiences of learning spoken english, plese give me some suggestions, many thanks!


        Aug 25,2008

04:10 AM Aug 25 2008 |

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I think the best way to learn to speak english  (not proper grammar, but to speak english like a native) is to listen to natives converse in english.  The best way to do this is to listen to english talk radio stations on the internet, and really concentrate on what they are talking about and how they are saying it.  If you hear them say something you don't understand, write it down and post it here, then someone can help you with the meaning,

09:03 PM Aug 28 2008 |