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How do you imagine my country ''IRAN''?


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I want to know that the people in other countries how imagine my country .

it's very important for me and here is the best place for ask this question.

10:11 PM Sep 10 2008 |

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United States

I imagine that Iran is a very confused country. Many people know that a government and a religion are two different things, like apples and oranges. So Iran is a country with a big split. There are other big splits in the country. From a place like Tehran to a place like Tabriz. The culture is different. The forced restrictions in the heart of Tehran are looser in some out of the way cities. Ahmedinejad represents an extreme in Iran and in the Islamic faith. Most in the Islamic faith are content with living in peace with the Western world (countries like USA and UK) and also not looking to do battle to wipe Jews and Israel off the face of the Earth. Ahmedinejad is not inline with most Muslims – he is an extremist that drags down the religion and isolates Iran.

Iran is also a country of beautiful scenery, long history and rich culture. Most of the world cannot share or know this thanks to the isolation of Iran due to the aggressive and hostile nature of Ahmedinejad and others that feel and act as he does. He is a malevalent individual and a warmonger, equal to and maybe even more than Bush.

I think everyone should see the movie Persepolis . This will explain some of the conflicts of this fragmented and troubled country.

I hope to go there and spend a few months travelling the countryside. I know this could be both wonderful and dangerous at the same time.

So there is a short summary of what I think of Iran. What do you all think?

11:11 PM Sep 10 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I really enjoyed to read your opinion worldmikel

all things that you said is true .

i lived with this facts 21 years and i feel all of them.

thank you

12:03 AM Sep 11 2008 |



iranian girl is so beautiful acordingly i like to make relationship with one of them so please help me

04:14 AM Sep 11 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Why being in Iran is dangerous worldmikel?

02:26 AM Sep 12 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks about giving your opinion about Iran.

I like to help people that they are here and they are waiting for just a help between Iranian people who are here and out of the country.

Now, I am 15 year old and I just wanna know why we with this culture that you said we are like this.I mean with that cultures that we had and with that economy that we had with that art that we had with that president that we had with that people that we had with that beautiful points that we had and with that religion that we had and with that thing that helped people around the world to paying more attentions with Iran in the past etc…we are just a piece of that!

When I study my lessons that I have like history I just want to know how the culture changed?

The behavior, the president, the people, the crime, the economy, the freedom, and so on…

I don't why but that is better to know everythings in Iran but you must not show your self visible between the people you must go on the corner side and just live with yourself.It's better I think.The people don't get their salery and the high rank people are getting out of some place that they worked.The saleries are so low and they can't continue to their lives so they must go and get the money in the bad way like a thief.

And because of this everyday is going bad and the low good points are getting bad and lower.

And thanks world mikel for your forum that we could something about our the best country that we had!

Good Luck.

12:09 PM Sep 12 2008 |

amy luo


In my opinion Iran is a place full of the resource of crude oil,and peole are very rich!But in recent years the relationship between your country and the USA is turning bad.Why?

02:30 PM Sep 12 2008 |



i love iranian people :)

well, i cant talk much about iran :)

but is cool :)

i like it :)

expecilly the people :)

07:04 PM Sep 12 2008 |




They come my mind, whn i hear ''Iran''

1. Pesian literature (oww so hard. But sometimes enjoying..I know Persian, a bit)

2. Sheriat (hard islamic system)

3. the fights between shii and Sunni ( I am a Safii)

4. Ahmed- Nejat (Brave n rebel man)

5. Nucleer

6. Oil and nature gass… (Iran sell them too expensive to Turkey) (We pay more than 90-120 $ to electic or nature gass every month (just my family, my home :))

7. Zerdust ppl (the oldest religion of us, Kurds. I am a kurd)

8. Naks-e Cihan :) a super place in Iran :D

9. Sehname (by Firdevsi)

10. Ostan-e Yazd ( Yezd) one of my favory city or Iran.. Becoz it is the symbol of my oldest religion, Zerdust :)   

'To worship the fire''

07:16 PM Sep 12 2008 |