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some slangsquestions



<!-==text==begin==-> these are some slangs ican’t understand in sentences.
running on ice
break in one’s shoes
every once in awhile
leave much to be desired
keep one’sopinions to oneself
thank you.  


03:46 AM Apr 05 2000 |

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United States

Hi Tony,

 running on ice-I have never heard, I have heard being on thin ice which means whatever you are doing that is annoying you need to stop because that person is getting mad is about to attack

break in one's shoes-well I wish I could read this in context but I am going to guess the author meant the person had new shoes and they are stiff and uncomfortable. This person has to wear them for a while until they get soft and comfortable or "break" them in.

every once in awhile-means infrequently. Not often.

leaves much to be desired-needs much improvement.

keep one's opinions to oneself-polite way of saying shut up.  Also "one" is a formal way of saying "you" it is not used often in american spoken language.  so this might be more like  " keep your opinions to yourself"  now.

thank you—to express apprieciation.  Laughing  Just joking I know you know what this means.

Hope this helped. 


02:33 AM Apr 03 2009 |