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wanto to improve oral english




i am going to take the bec exams and i want to improve my oral english, so i hope to find someone who are also in such needs, and can talk with me throught the internate to improve together, if you don't have miro, then please don't add me , but thanks all the same!

thanks and hope all of you have a nice time and good improve here!

09:27 AM Sep 29 2008 |

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not all people say that Im am very good or excellent in oral english peaking but, some people say that "I want to learn more of how to speak english clearly ".I as what I heard, Im also one of them who need more improvement about my english so I wish that there is nothing imposible with this site. Thanks and May God bless you!!! invite me as your friend .

04:23 AM Oct 01 2008 |