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What is LOVE????




Hello friends


lets start to discuss on LOVE


in my point of View LOVE is an emotional intensity  

which arouse our inner feelings to do some thing good for

some one


what you say


please join



08:45 AM Feb 21 2007 |

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love is a emotion,which makes you sometimes can not distinguish good or bad.so when you love someone you feel happy!

06:27 AM Dec 02 2008 |




I Love all Friendly people .

10:05 AM Apr 02 2009 |

Dream Land

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Love is something we feel …it is special for only one person!!

10:11 AM Apr 02 2009 |




When you're in love,you're like crazy,and when you're like crazy,that mean you're in love,and when you got both of that (love and crazy),thats mean…you're nearly to meet a psychiatrist or nearly….. going to be put into mental hospital…and when you got into mental hospital…( i really don't want to talk about it…)Smile

11:29 AM Apr 02 2009 |



Love is an emotion that creats in side of heart. love is not only that which is done with lover but it can also be love to your parents, brother and sister and any one whom u find caring for u. love alway be where there you find some one cares for u thatsit.

please reply me if u find my answer good.

05:12 PM Apr 02 2009 |

Ali malayjerdi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

love is to give away what you have and  want other party .love is giving without expecting receiving! Love should not be contaminated with petty things then we can say love is a fart of every heart!

07:16 PM Apr 02 2009 |

Ali malayjerdi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the best thing parents can give to their children is to love each other! Love is when dady comes back from work and smells sweaty and still mum kisses him!

07:27 PM Apr 02 2009 |




hey ladys and men ,

 i think  love it can created after married , also that can be before , but the blesse one is that come after engagement .

aller may alahh blesse you

10:39 AM Apr 03 2009 |



love is a beautiful thing .it makes you happy and sad .it's the important part in our life.we should learn to love others with our sincere heart.

03:13 PM Apr 25 2009 |


Russian Federation


Love is everlasting,

I believe that's true. Cool

04:45 PM Apr 25 2009 |