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are/were your parents too strict with you ?




what kind of upbringings  you have/had? are/were your parents too stricts with you ? ..... well, my parents did not realy bring me up too strict but they always told me to be polite and respectful person. and we got on very well. when i was too young i used to play with them alot. but now we live to different countries. but we keep in touch. i love them so much. I miss you !!

02:36 AM Oct 14 2008 |

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You are very luck to have parents like that. My parents also not so strict to me, but sometimes they are strict, for example, they forbidden me to go out with friends at night. I was very angry about it when I was younger, but now, I understand they just care about me.

07:27 AM Oct 14 2008 |