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Help me to understand the usage of the 2 phrases

Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

Hi everybody!) Could you please help me to understand the usage of the following expressions?


Raining cats and dogs… Isn't it an outdated expression? And if it's not, is it used both in American and British English?


How do you do?... As far as I know it is a British greeting phrase, respond to which would be also How do you do. As far as I know it is a formal greeting. And I've heard it is also a little bit outdated and that British teenagers wouldn't even understand it… Is it really so? So, do modern British people use it for example when meeting a partner in business talks?


04:47 PM Oct 16 2008 |

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Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

Marble Hart and Mystery thank you a lot)


"I'm not sure you would respond with "How do you do" since that would be pointless. Personally, I would say "I'm fine. How are you?"


You know, in our textbooks it's said that when you are asked How do you do you should answer How do you do! And I found an interesting article about it:


It depends on which side of the Atlantic you are from, I guess. People from Britain usually respond by saying "How do you do?". For them, "How do you do?" is an expression which is normally used when you are introduced to someone for the first time. "How do you do?" is not the same as "How are you?" For the English, the response to "How do you do?" is "How do you do?" Americans, on the other hand, think differently. You will find that many Americans do not always make a distinction between "How do you do?" and "How are you?" So don't be surprised if an American responds to a "How do you do?" with a "Fine, thank you", or "Doing good".


Now I see that in American and in British English this phrase does not mean the same!

10:21 AM Oct 19 2008 |



Sri Lanka

I didn't know that the Americans and the British respond in different ways to "How do you do?". I was only aware of the usual British response, which is to repeat the same words. 



But then, how does one respond to "What's up"?



09:25 AM Oct 20 2008 |




- What's up?

- Not much.

11:47 AM Oct 20 2008 |



Sri Lanka

Thanks Pavlionka. It's probable that "Not much" is the most appropriate response. But just like for "How do you do?", I have read that some of the British answer "What's up?" with "What's up?" again.

Just see the 11th posting in this thread:





01:11 PM Oct 20 2008 |



very good question and very good answers…

06:39 PM Oct 20 2008 |




And how do you find this famous Budweiser's  "WOZZUP" thing? Wink 


10:53 AM Oct 21 2008 |