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Viet Nam

I don't know what happen to me. I get blank on English nearly, can't speak in English, can't remember vocabulary though I am studying English University (native langguage is not English), writing is not bad. I got advice from English teacher that is thinhking in English way. Please tell me how to think in this way? and how to improve speaking skill? Thank you so much.

Ps: I need to review elementary to advance grammar, and learn vocabulary by subject such as human body, please give me a link. Thank you!


05:56 PM Oct 29 2008 |

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My English is still poor then you,thank you.

08:18 AM Oct 30 2008 |



speak english  as loud as possible like liyang

09:44 AM Oct 30 2008 |



i really need improve my english ,please if someone is interesting in becoming my firend . i ´ll be very thanks for your help.

08:49 PM Oct 31 2008 |