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Rap Rhymin' Game


United States

OK,this is how the game goes:Someone makes up a rap(or poetry,just a rhyme)line and the next person writes a line that rhymes with it. For example…

A man ws choking and his face turned blue.

His wife was sleeping so she had no clue.


05:21 PM Jan 09 2009 |

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when she got up she found out the surprise

she began laugh out and sad:you should watch yourself… there is no price

08:49 AM Jan 10 2009 |




I bet she wouldn't act like that if he were some fat cat,

what d'you expect from that spoiled little brat?


<fat cat = a rich guy>

10:25 AM Jan 10 2009 |


United States

letem know you got the back like a tat

Stay tight like submission on da mat

If they wanna step letem leak scarlet

Cuz I'm a mutha f*ckin' beast and they just a harlet

04:45 PM Jan 13 2009 |




Hey Guy from USA !

Let me know the way,

why have  U all got  Oedipus complex?

Why  some American guys love weird sex?

Why they  called themselves as mutha f*cker?

I wait here for the answer , I'm Sonofmoon the Sir!


04:32 PM Jan 15 2009 |


United States

Cuz I'm sick young sir,I turn competitors to skin drums,

Lyrics hit ya so hard ya get the Korsakoff's syndrome.

They been dumb,or just in a coma.

Sight so prices I'll pick off ya celled stroma.

05:04 PM Jan 15 2009 |


United States


05:54 PM Jan 15 2009 |




So Shortly you wanted to say,

an apple a day,

keeps the doctor away,

'couse you are a sick youngster,

don't play as a rapper gangster,

you look like a hamster.




06:51 PM Jan 15 2009 |


United States

I can win this rap-off with simple rhymes

 And either way I do it these runes are sublime

The fact that you tried should still be a sign

to try and make sense and maybe rhyme next time

05:24 PM Jan 22 2009 |




I don't mind, If you want,

be the first, the winner,

I know I am the thicker,

my rhymes may sound better,

My words will live forever ,

but I don't mind, If you want,

Your rhymes are good, I grant.

09:19 PM Jan 22 2009 |


United States

Ahh,Victory is mine and on your remains I'll dine

My rhymes stay cold like the fuckin' alppines

I'm a beast,I cut it up like a pendelum

Got competitors cryin' like "Johny what have you said to 'em"

05:51 PM Jan 30 2009 |