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Thank you guys



for your numberous comments about Chirstams and new year….

sorry if I couldn't replayed at once. I left for a little period of vacation to a very little town in a mountain-side where people don't know what PCs are!


At any rate, thanks a lot.  


07:40 AM Jan 10 2009 |

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You are welcome, Latin, you're worth of itLaughing

I bet you must have had a great Christmas vacation there. Oh..oh..did you ski by the mountain? I like sharing anything funny with you!Wink

01:35 AM Jan 13 2009 |



Hi Maggie,


Yes I had a great Christmas (after I stopped working of courseLaughing)

I would have skied but I had to look after my little sons even if this is  the best amusing for me.

 Seeing them rolling on the snow…..

08:19 AM Jan 14 2009 |



Can I joint the party??

03:43 PM Jan 14 2009 |