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Chinese characters




Although  I don't know how to read Chinese, I love the shapes of the Chinese characters. They are very beautiful. I'm a calligrapher(arabic calligrapher), by the way, and I wonder what my name looks like in Chinese

My name is abdullahSmile


09:40 PM Jan 17 2009 |

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Simplified Chinese is the latest Chinese character.

In old society, we Chinese just like writing Traditional Chinese.

As the times progress and society advances, we always write simplified Chinese to make the writing easier and more convenient.

In a sense, Japanese comes from Ancient Chinese Language.

07:06 AM Jan 28 2009 |

Ya Lin

Ya Lin


haha…yes, sure they have the same meaning.

just the first one is simplified chinese and the last one is tranditional chinese:)

 Well, both of them are the same.Smile

10:51 AM Apr 11 2009 |