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hi!ı need u for improve to my english.help me please.

emre theraocula


if u wanna help me , u can add my msn emre_4424 @ hotmail . com

07:26 PM Feb 19 2009 |

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Superior Lord


If you really want to improve your English ,you don't need anybody .You can do it just yourself.

04:33 AM Feb 20 2009 |




Hi, I' here to improve my English too, so if you want I could help you.

Have a nice time

07:30 PM Feb 20 2009 |



The best you can do to brush up your English is to get a particular teacher. In the case taht you haven`t got the enough money to do that, the best you can do is to learn English with a person you may know.

It`s very important to know that the thing that will be more useful to you is the spoken English than the the written. I`ve been learning English for such a long time, I know a lot written English but I don`t have the complete known of the spoken, so it`s very difficult for me, for example, if I want to see a film without reading the small yellow words tht appear dowm the picture. You have to practice every day, if you have time, in case that you don`t have it you don`t have it, you must study three times a day.

11:53 PM Feb 20 2009 |

emre theraocula




12:41 AM Feb 21 2009 |

emre theraocula


nice advice, ı will aplication it Wink

12:43 AM Feb 21 2009 |




i've been studying English for years. but it still terrible Embarassed

nice advice carunchian

02:24 AM Feb 23 2009 |

whisper night 88


thanks for this advice..

it's a good way to learn speaking english

11:56 AM Feb 23 2009 |