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04:07 PM Mar 11 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

Thanx alot…it's useful


i like these kind of sites :)

09:12 PM Mar 11 2009 |



Saudi Arabia



Thank u darling .

for you (f)

10:21 PM Mar 11 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


This is spam, of course. While the newsletter is free, the lessons are not. Our new 'friend' ElizabethS is a new member, has no friends and this is her only post so it's rather obvious that she/he is part of the company. 

Sure, sign up for the free newsletter if you want but take a look at the first issue. It's one page, has about five tips on it and two homonyms are described. You could learn more on Ebaby for free in one lesson. 

To me, and everyone can decide on their own, I think it is disgusting that a company would come here to a completely free site and spam members in an open forum. It says something about the company itself, really. If a company would spam like that, then it's not a very reliable or trustworthy company in my eyes. You've been warned! 

11:53 AM Mar 12 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


I see one of their head offices is in Israel! That should go over well here. Talk about market research! 

12:16 PM Mar 12 2009 |