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What do you like and what you hate?



Russian Federation

I like a nature,internet,online-games,system of construction web-sites,counter strike 1,6 Xtreme, a like a different food, interesting people, action and comedy movie, a like a adobe photoshop cs2,3,4 i like a incredeable things in picture (landscape) _ and many many thing 

And what dou you like ??!

11:17 AM Mar 13 2009 |

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I like:
- to be here and write in english
- travelling
- food from other countrys
- Kinnie ( maltese tablewater)
- Rock music ( Gotthard a swiss rock band, Wintermoods a maltese rockand, and Oldies)
- Old cars ( spec. old Volkswagen busses)
- my wife and my doughter of course
- make fotos ( make is right or take fotos?)



01:13 PM Mar 13 2009 |

sherry  Y

sherry Y


I like: Eats "huoguo"!  drink the Chinese tea and have the water place traveling,  research historical personage. 

and what would you like ?


02:10 PM Mar 13 2009 |




I like

-english a lot!

-going out with friends

-take photos



-watching movies with my friends

-going to the cinema


-my family of course

-making friends

-traveling a lot

-meeting new people with diferent culture


12:19 PM Mar 14 2009 |




i like my family and friends.

i like palestine.

i like chocoolate.

i like my teacher (she is very nice, she is my idol)

i like photographing.

i like my computer.

i like my school.

i hate smoking.

i hate home works.

i hate school uniforme.Cry

i hate liars.


12:19 PM Mar 14 2009 |




Ilike peaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace fairness..tranquillity..logic..respect..knowlege..Ihate their opposits..i like to make others happy..i hate to hurt any body..Ilike to entertain my house ..to cook..to receive my close freinds I hate artificial and dishonest people

03:55 PM Mar 14 2009 |



United Arab Emirates


I like true friendship ,

True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere,When it hurts to look back and you're scared to look ahead,you can look beside you and your best friend will be there True friends are like stars….you don't always see them, but you know they are always there

If you want to cease relation with your friend, then do not break off totally and completely, let your heart retain some consideration of him.

05:09 PM Mar 14 2009 |



Russian Federation

yea I like a humor football and hate a smocking too!

05:58 AM Mar 19 2009 |


Russian Federation

I like read

I like Formula one

I like photographing

I like good music and movies

I like pets

I like cakes

I hate hypocrites

I hate bad weather 

01:40 PM Sep 10 2014 |