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what you like and hate about your best frined ?

Unjust Angle

Saudi Arabia

Hey everyone and welcome 

i like to ask you this  what you like and hate about your best frined ?

be honest to your feelings and try don't give names if want just like and hate



01:03 PM Mar 19 2009 |

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Unjust Angle

Saudi Arabia

for start


my best frined is like my soulmate his name Basem i call him BS_SMILE coz he always smiling

the best thing about him his honesty in everything Smile

and i hate his stubbornUndecided

01:09 PM Mar 19 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

i like the truth

and i hate lieing

thats all for me 

thanx unjust angle for this topic

see u


01:15 PM Mar 19 2009 |