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criminal spam scam alert

Mapleleaf Man




 are criminals. Please don't answer his/her messages. Sample message is here. Please ignore the message and report it as spam:



Hi dear,
How are you today, I hope all is well with you My name is miss susan wast, I just went Through your profile In this site my dear, I have no options than letting you Know that I am interested knowing more about you If you dont mind, you can send an email to my email address with your pics and if you cear to tell me more about your self that will be more better,waiting to hear from you soon.

Another message is here: 

My name is nancy,
i saw your profile today at (www.englishbaby.com)and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address () i believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
(Remeber the distance or colour does age not matter but frienship matters alot in life)
I will be happy to seeing a good responds from you
Thanks and remain blessed.
Your's friend nancy,

send me your email adress in my box () so that i will send my photo and tell you more about me ok bye dear. nancy,


Please report all such messages as spam and delete them. Do NOT answer them. 



02:22 PM Mar 21 2009 |

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Mapleleaf Man


susanbaby202  is also a criminal. 

Sample letter: 



Interested in you,
Hello Dear, I just saw your profile today and love to write to you. Am Susan Saad by name, i am really interested in you for serious long term relationship. Here is my email () contact me so that i will send to you my picture to know who i am. Remember distance or colour does not matter but true love matters alot in life.Yours Love


05:24 PM Mar 21 2009 |




Oh, your passion in fighting with spammers is amazing… It's useless also… This is tilting at windmills. What are you gonna do?? post here every spam you get?  There are always gonna be fools and there are always gonna be those who try to make money on that. A fool always wants to be cheated even if he's been warned. If it wasn't that way, cheaters would die out a long time ago like dinos.

PS. I've got a dozen of spam messages in my mailbox. Want me to share them with you for your collection of warnings Undecided

10:07 AM Mar 23 2009 |



I gain also exaclty the same messages. E-baby shout cancel this 2 accounts.



12:53 PM Mar 23 2009 |

Mapleleaf Man


abigarl  is another criminal. Ignore anything you get that sounds like this, and report is as spam.  Here is 'her' message:

 nice to meet you.
name is abigarl, i just went through your profile when i was searching
for love, I have no options than letting you Know that I am infected
and affected by your profile on a dating site.www.englishbaby.com
that is why i wish to have a relationship with you, I will also like
to Know you more,i will be very greatful to have you as my loved one.
so you can reply back to me through this address and i will also send
you my pictures. I believe we can move from here. But bear in
mind that Love has no colors barrier, no educational back ground barrier, no
socio-economic Barrier, religious, language, nationality or distance barrier,
the only important Thing there is love. I am waiting for your mail at
Thanks for your

12:51 PM Apr 04 2009 |




  I also received similar letter.  I just delete the letter.  That's all we can do: ignore.  

There are more of this kind to get into your mail.  Don't be tempted to open, just delete.  

I just hope there is a mail filter so, letter like that won't enter our email addresses, too.

Thanks for passing around about this spam scam.  Good luck.  happy weekend.

01:29 PM Apr 04 2009 |




Hehe, just another more detailed story, she is really a poor girly. For sure i will help her with the 20 Million dollarsCool

I just wait for her answer


From Madam Nenita
Email:nenita_vill64 at sibmail.com

Dear Friend,

I am Madam Nenita Villaran,a native of Philippine nationality, and a divorcee.I would like to have a long lasting and confidant relationship with you,if possible entrusting my life time fortune into your possession,as now I am broken hearted and needs someone to trust,without remembering my past and forsaken experiences from close confidants and family. I need someone, who would take me for whom I am and as a life time partner,after making claims of my deposited life.

Well, from your profile, I believe in me that you ought to be a very honest person.I would like to give you a brief description of my life.I was once the mistress of our President,Mr Joseph Estrada, and during his tenure in office, I was been used as a courier to depositing his funds,but due to the fracas I had with his wife, Madam Loi and her son, Jude,it causes a public embarrasement and people came to know that I hadbeen having an affair with the President.

But, not quite long, I was arrested, together with his wife and son,in connection with the 27th July,2003, failed coup,which I did not have anything to do with, but was alleged that I have been habouring some of the resdessident and arms in one of the villa,bought for me by the resident.But, now, I have been released and I am under security watch and seriously monitored.

All, I wanted from you is to assist me make claims of some funds, I did posited some where in west Afriac, as the other deposits documents are been consficated and seized by the government of Madam Gloria, the President, But,this one is the only one they could not see,as I did kept the documents with one of my close confidant, who was also arrested.

The Amount being deposited is much about 20 million dollars, as this was the money that was supposed to be used by the President to aquire some properties in America, Europe Asia and Africa.All,I want from you, how is honesty and sincerity,as soon as this money is claimed by you,I will look for a way out and sneaked out of Philippines and travel down to meet you, So we can go into a life time partnership together,in investing this money in your country and anywhere else you prefer.CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION

Sincerely yours,
Madam Nenita Villaran

06:15 AM Jul 08 2009 |

Flor López

Flor López


hey ! I don't understand, how can I know if the messages are from someone like those people, what do they do ? Please tell me, Flor

03:08 AM Jul 09 2009 |




Hehe, i don't think you will have problem with such spam. A young girl is not the target group for themCool

If you want to see what will happen, just answer the mail with an extra mail account created for spammer and NEVER NEVER NEVER give any real information like address/phone number or bank account number. And Never sent money, hehe. Sooner or later they will ask you for money for visa or lawyer or whatever purpose. If you have enough time for a joke you can keep them busy and have some fun. You can tell them that you made a mistake with the money tranfer if you want to keep them busy.

But best is: Just ignore such mailsWink

06:01 AM Jul 11 2009 |