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what does this mean ?




Hey, there ~

This is Gary from Taiwan. How are you guys doing?
I’ve got a question here.
What does “I have a lot at stake” mean ? My friend told me it means “I have a lot riding on this”. But I still don’t quite understand what they both exactly mean ?

By the way, I like this website so much . Thank you guys for putting so much effort for us, non-native speakers. I love you guys ~

Have a nice day

12:05 AM May 15 2002 |

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Hi Gary,

“at stake” is similar to “at risk”. I think the sentence “I have a lot at stake” means that the person has a lot of things that might be lost or damaged.

Ex.#1: “Have you seen the car crash in front of the building? According to the bystanders, the driver was taken to the hospital and his life may be at stake”.

Ex.#2: He says he has to kill his wife’s lover because his honor is at stake.

I don’t know if this is the explanation you wanted, but does this make sense?


03:14 PM May 15 2002 |



hi my name is duygu  lm turk  l like to you   see you

07:04 AM Apr 14 2007 |





   could mean that there may be unexpected consequences

09:17 AM Apr 14 2007 |




at stake(in danger;at risk)You can use  this expression  for one thing at risk,for example,if you are accused of lying ,you want to be vindicated because your reputation is at stake.If  a husband cheats on his wife,he is putting his marriage at stake

04:24 AM Apr 15 2007 |




hi ….luym & coconnut546 are right .ifound the same explanation …so you can say ''i have alot in danger(at risk)''[[.you have alot you may lose them]]

have a nice day

12:01 PM Sep 15 2007 |

Mapleleaf Man


'at stake' probably comes from either poker or even gold mining, back in the old days. All it means is that the person has a lot riding on something. If my job it 'at stake', it means that if I do something wrong, I would or could lose my job. If someone's life is at stake, such as in a murder trial. it means that person would lose their life if they lose the case. 

It's like gambling, you lose the stake so there is a lot at risk if you get the wrong cards. Hope this helps.

03:44 AM Sep 16 2007 |



                                       i m not understand ….................

08:44 AM Sep 26 2007 |




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08:48 AM Sep 26 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear net friend.i hope you and the other guys in this site fine .yes, "I have a lot at stake".you know at stake means at risk or in danger or supposed to danger .so your sentence defeinetly means "most of my things ( or maybe my work) are at risk .it is better to know that this sentence is a simple sentence and it is not an idiom .so its meaning is simple either.thanks

11:29 AM Sep 26 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

I think most of the members did great, and you should understood it by now, the guys didn't leave me a chance to add some other explanations, and the best was Lu's.

Keep on Practicing English. Good luck to every one is learning English.


 The Skipper


07:46 PM Sep 26 2007 |