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Have u found someone who always makes u smile ?




Tell me !!!!

Have u found a girl or a boy who always makes u smile ??

03:31 AM May 16 2009 |

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In my opinion, no one cannot make you smile if you are not smile to them first.

If you smile everyone can make you smile..coz you open your mind




01:46 AM Dec 08 2009 |



sure i have. i think evertboby has

09:32 AM Dec 08 2009 |




yes :)

08:50 PM Dec 26 2009 |

Crystal Eyes

Saudi Arabia

When i was younger couple of years ..

I always ..love to talk with my aunt son ( i don't know how it call ) ...and he older then me by a year ..And he always make me smile ..

But now .. i love to talk with his sister (she's younger then me by a year… and she's quite funny but little idiot 

... Who's not idiot that isn't funny ??:p 

08:11 PM Dec 27 2009 |




BSQUAD <333333 :)

04:27 PM Dec 30 2009 |





My Son always make me smile a lot..

I love him dearly..Laughing

02:34 AM Dec 31 2009 |





So, It's lucky to be your friend and you should find someone people in your life to make you smile.. don't give up, you will found her..Smile

02:40 AM Dec 31 2009 |

Ethel Bear

Ethel Bear

Hong Kong

yes, my boyfriend always makes me smileSmile

02:30 PM Jan 02 2010 |




First,i started the subject. i got a lot of answers from ppl in here. thanks to every all of you :)

every answer from everyone are such different but great really ! :) those words make me warm.
some ppl aksed me ' Have you found the one ? ' that was why i asked ppl the question before.
Yeah,i had. i had someone who was such meaningful to me. someone who made me believe. encouraging me when i needed. he knew well how to make me smile. he understood me even i didnt tell him what happened. he said he just knew. and i knew he would knew everytime. everything what we had done was so unforgettable.
But he was gone. he left me alone with only a simple msg. and then i am right here now.
i dont know why he was gone. for what ? i tried to know. but now.i dont.
At least 100 times i asked myself ' How are you ? ' almost every morning. and then i told myself ' i am fine. i will be fine ' but i couldnt be much wrong. i seldom told ppl around me how much i missed him every moment. i faked smile to ppl. i found some truths were so hard to deal with. i told myslef i didnt need to miss him. i COULDNT! i didnt wanna be a loser. i didnt wanna a girl who lost someone and the world would stop. but it was not that easy. i never let him go.

Also some ppl wished me some words :) thanks !
with time pass, i am fine now. i have to be. even i still miss him a little. but i know how to miss him with smile :)
and i believe just someday..

i also wish everyone will be fine every day. No matter anger,tear or smile :)

01:10 PM May 20 2010 |