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If students are NOT interested...Please, help!



Russian Federation

Hello, everyone!

I have a friend who teaches English language in one Romanian school. She says it is a challenge because her students are not interested in the language. They do not have access to the Internet, do not watch movies (what's pity because it could solve a problem in some way because there are lots of opportunities on-line) and do not want to make any efforts.

The situation is quite difficult because she is a school teacher. She likes her job and of course wants to see that her subject interests her students…

What do you think she can do??

I would appreciate all opinions.
So please feel free to say what you think about the situation.

thank you in advance!<!- google_ad_section_end ->

02:33 PM May 19 2009 |

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I think she should be patient with them,you know,Rome wasn’t built in a day

03:58 PM May 19 2009 |






dear julia.

i think i have an idea i wish it can benifit you,

she can make 2hours just for speaking with tham about this subject wish you posted here

about there problems famillal or personal problems what ever it is,why they don' interested to learning this language,the other hand she can teachs tham in the way they can accepted the lesson easly and the same time they will enjoy with it.i wish i can help you.and take care of youself teaching is a difficult job just be pation and god hepl you

08:51 PM May 19 2009 |

The kind

Saudi Arabia

it's good think that you are ask this question for student

ok … but I wanna know , she teaching reding and writing or listening and speaking ??

second .. my advice to him .. that she try to use an Elctronic learning … the student want to see the refresh in the methods and way on the learning .. ( for example .. one time , bring to them a movie , or there are some English lessons on the youtube teacher called Mr. Duncan .. he is really fanny and very good techer )

in the end .. I hope her student will intersting with she and with her subject :)

11:59 PM May 19 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think the teacher should be patient with them…....and use some intersting subjets that they like to read.and find out what are the intersting subjects?when the teacher see any positive movement,encourge them and give present .i think the teaching is not just teach,the teacher should pay attention to many things like behaviour students listening to them,solve their problem ,and to be friend whit them….and other things.use many method in teaching

06:11 AM May 20 2009 |



Russian Federation

The kind – > she teaches everything, all the language skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Thank you very much guys for all of your replies!

all of them are really helpful!

i am glad you answered :) 

12:59 PM Jun 01 2009 |




I think she should show video clips in english.  Maybe comical ones.  Something which grabs their attention and makes them take interest in what's being spoken.

01:03 PM Jun 01 2009 |





03:33 PM Jun 02 2009 |