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United States

How this game goes is that I start with a question and the next person has to answer it then ask another question for the following person.

Example:Me  > Q=What is your favorite drink

Next person>A=Cola

Same person Q=How do you use chopsticks

You get it right,here goes:!!!


02:56 PM May 27 2009 |

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Russian Federation

Their sense of smell is better developed and they are closer to the nature, they more natural than people/


Do you like to get up early in the morning? (I don't)

07:16 AM Nov 11 2009 |



Russian Federation

Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy, wealthy and … dead. (James Thumber. The Shrike and the Chipmunks.)

Fortunately, I am not a male. :) :) I like to get up early.

Q: What becomes bigger if we put it upside down?


10:21 PM Nov 11 2009 |



Russian Federation

What becomes bigger if we put it upside down?

You were moving in the right direction, Lana. Laughing


What to do if you have nothing to do?

To relax, enjoy your life and do nothing.


Q: What to do if you want something very much but it is forbidden?

06:24 PM Nov 12 2009 |



Russian Federation

Both. You failed your attempt to fail, but you succeeded in doing something what you wanted to fail.

If you have lagged hopelessly behind the group which is going in the wrong direction, are you a failure or a lucky man?

04:11 PM Nov 22 2009 |



milka daim :) yummmie ..!

if you could geht anything in the world, what would it be?

09:37 PM Feb 04 2010 |



Russian Federation

1. Cranberry, I choose ecologically clean transport. In the ecologically clean environment both the cats are fed and the mice are safe. Smile

2. What's the difference between a cossack and a cowboy?

01:04 PM Feb 07 2010 |




hmm i think in 1st pick rider has sword and in second one have rope. color and dress difference as well.



10:23 AM Feb 08 2010 |

Crystal Eyes

Saudi Arabia

I will ask then .. because i can't see a question to answer .,.:p

If you have Insomnia & you don't have the entertainment ways to full the empty time you have .. what will u do?? 

06:43 AM Feb 09 2010 |



Russian Federation

1. There are different means of lulling oneself to sleep. For example:

If none of these helps, try this one:


2. How much would you weigh on the moon?

04:43 PM Feb 21 2010 |