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Learning English needs perseverance and determination. It likewise demands much of your time and effort. I have been experiencing it lately since I started taking up English lessons. I believe that to learn English, one must read, listen and speak in it. I admit, I still have a long long way to go before arriving at perfection but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So keep on practicing just like what i have been doing lately. Good luck!

10:43 AM Apr 29 2007 |



Besides taking up lessons and studying grammar English, you're gonna improve you english by doing simple things, such as watching movies in English (with both "voice" and subtitles in English), listening to music and reading its lyrics at he same time, subscribing magazines (like Time, Vogue, Newsweek), and checking websites in English, as you are doing now :-), especially chats.
If you can, go abroad and take an exchange course in USA, Canada or any English-speaking country. I guess it's the best way as you get in touch with natives and get to know the "real" English, no matter what your level/ability is.

I hope I have helped you somehow!

Best wishes

08:05 PM Apr 30 2007 |

Ta Viet Hai

Viet Nam

I think the most important think is that you really have to want to learn the language – without that, you won't get very far. You also have to believe that you will do it… imagine yourself using the language confidently, and think, 'Yes, I can do that'

For me, motivation is the mostimportant thing. You have to be ready to study Grammar, read alot, listen to English songs, radio and TV, and what's more you have to do these systematically

04:49 AM May 01 2007 |


Viet Nam

I’ve studied English for a long time. But i’ve never been satisfied with my English skills. Poor me! I received many advices to improve my English. Sometime I make plan to improve it but I’ve never maintaned determination for a long time.
Now I just want to make friends with foreigner to improve my English.

07:10 AM May 01 2007 |