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How have you learned English/other languages????



Russian Federation

Hi guys!!

I wonder – what was your story of learning a foreign language and English language in particular.

My friend and I are collecting stories of learning foreign languages because it is always wonderful to learn and get motivated from experience of other people.

You can read here my story of learning English http://www.helpwithstudy.com/my-story.html

or check the stories of other people and read interviews with polyglots here http://www.helpwithstudy.com/success-stories.html

If you don't mind sharing your own story, please contact me at julia@helpwithstudy.com.

I would love to get your story and post it on my web site. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.






09:08 PM Jun 25 2009 |

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hi julia thank you for nice topic and nice to meet u

04:20 AM Jun 26 2009 |



Russian Federation

Hey, nice to meet u)

Can you send me your story? :) it would be nice! 

04:26 PM Jun 26 2009 |

betty boop

betty boop


  Hi I love foreigner languages and wish I can learn it  ! my mother language is Arabic and the second is fransh , but english was only a choice for the high school I learn it 3 years, but when finished study I start meeting foregeners friends talking in english and then find myself with a very very poor english :( I though it late to learn it again but with help of friends and the continual discussion I can understand but still need to improve it again and again !

11:38 PM Jun 27 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Dear Julia,

How are you doing?

yes, i can.

i have learned english by studying.

ehehehehehehe( just kidding)


10:58 AM Jul 29 2009 |




I am learning english by visiting special english schools to get the certain level, but those programms aren`t enough. I suppose the best way to learn english for me is to read favourite authors in english, translate and learn songs, watch movies. As for spoken english the best way is…..just speak in eglish with native speakers or at least with your groupmades or friends. As soon as you stop speaking you will have only passive knowledge, that isn`t easy to make active again. ))


08:33 PM Jul 29 2009 |