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Looking for a voice chat over MSN



New Zealand

Hi all

It is Kenny here, My ethicity is Chinese, male, single, 31. In computers. I have been living in Wellington, New Zealand for 6 years. I love tennis, soccer, Salsa dancing. and parties.

Since I got my foot injured a few weeks ago, my weekends are getting a bit slow. I would like to make some new friends over the Internet and have a voice chat together, possiblly, we can discover some new ideas over the conversations :-D

If interested, drop me an email to  kenny9239a@ hotmail.com , I will contact you ASAP.

Last but not least, if you reply my thread in the forum here with you email address in it, P.S. put a space between the @ sign and the rest of you email address, it helps to display your email address on the forum, otherwise, the forum will remove your email address from your thread.

Hope will talk to you soon boddy ^ ^

12:03 AM May 06 2007 |

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a  college  student    drop me   an  email to  

08:12 AM May 06 2007 |



a  college  student    drop  me  an  email  to   

08:16 AM May 06 2007 |