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about was/were


United States

Under which condition (tense and situation) that we should use was/were, I am still confusing of this.


06:57 AM Aug 21 2002 |

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was/were are the past form of the verb to be and it is used to express continuous actions that happened in the past.. For example, “My mom was cooking when I got home yesterday” or “were you sleeping this morning?”
I/he/she/it was
You/we/they were

hope that helps

04:54 PM Aug 22 2002 |



In addition to what thewackyguy wrote, I think there’s another case for the pronoum “I”. If it’s an unreal condition, we can use “I were”. For example:
- I’m going to Hawai next week.
- I wish I were you…
Not sure about this one, but I think it’s correct.


In the spoken language, it’s very common to hear people saying “you was”. Have you seen Shrek? The Donkey (Eddie Murphy’s voice) kept saying “you was”. However, this option is not grammatically correct.

See ya.

12:50 AM Aug 30 2002 |