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some cultural questions




1) if you found someone who got boogers hanging out of his/her nose but unaware of them, do you just ignore it or do you kindly remind him/her? is it rude/impolite to talk about it? or maybe it’s ok to remind your friend but not a stranger??

2) if you found someone didn’t dress properly and fastened his zip on the front of his pants, do you just ignore it or remind him? would it be considered “rude” if you reminded him?

3) following the 2nd question, how do you remind him? i mean what term do you use? please give me an example…

Thanks a lot

04:34 AM Nov 18 2002 |

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Thanks a lot for your help!!!

so please tell me some other ways to mean “your fly is undone.”

another quick question is: any difference between “booger” and “snot”?


10:20 AM Nov 20 2002 |




Is “Willy’s peeking out” used to remind a man? Or is it okay when talking to a woman? You know, I found “willy” means “pennis” in the dictionary.

02:30 AM Nov 23 2002 |



United States

ROLFMAO No no, do not tell a woman her willy is peeking out! Unless she actually HAS a willy!Telling a man his willy is peeking out is a more vulgar way of saying it, unless the one you rae saying it to is a friend, but it gets the point across. You could just say "excuse me, you forgot to zip up" or you can ask if the guy is 'feeling a draft'. An old way of doing it is "XYZPDQ" this means "eXamine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick".

 I actually had to deal with this when I was in Oz. There was a poor lady on the tram seat in front of me and she had a zipper-backed jumpsuit that was ALL the way down. Bum was hanging out. I thought, if this happened to me and no one told me, i would be mortified! So as we disembarked, I gently touched her on the back to get her attention and leaned in to whisper that her zipper was down. Just saying the word 'zipper' is usually enough; it's an embarrassing situation as-is. It is not considered rude to let someone know they're giving a free show, though it might be hard to bring yourself to tell a stranger you noticed his/her parts.

Snot is runny and buggers are clumpy. (yuck!) as for whether you tell someone they're got one swinging in the wind is up to you. Some people will and some won't, though while embarrassing for both involved, it is much appreciated, in general, to be notified. It is more acceptable to tell a friend than a stranger, however. 

11:01 AM Nov 27 2006 |



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10:53 AM Aug 22 2008 |




for the boogers, usually if you make eye contact with them and then wipe at your own nose, it will signal them to check their own!


The zipper on the front of a pair of pants is called a "fly".  If you can speak quietly to them, say to them, "Your fly is down". That means their zipper is not done up.   

04:23 AM Aug 28 2008 |




P.S. never tell someone their willy is peeking out…..it would probably get the wrong reaction…especially if you have a very thick accent.  That might really send the wrong message!

04:25 AM Aug 28 2008 |



I would follow by:

1. You have something on your nose

2. I think you need do check up on your zip

situation is far more easier when person in trouble is a woman

 anyway i love your commentsCool

04:19 PM Sep 03 2008 |



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