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I'd like to make friends to practice English with.



South Korea

Hi. I'm cizzrig from South Korea.

I'd like to find friends who want to practice English with me on a regular basis and imporve English each other. (once or twice a week,maybe)

I really need to improve my speaking skill. I think I usually focus on reading and writing and rarely have a chance to speak with others in Engllish. When I need to talk to English speakers, I get nervous and make such easy mistakes that I seldom do in writing.(T_T)

Please add me on skype or send me email and let's be English buddies!

My (skype) address:   hyruru@gmail.com







03:02 AM Sep 24 2009 |

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hey, I just read your message and it got me interested to have some chat with you anytime soon. I am also in the process of enhancing my spoken english skill. I hope we can be good language buddies. Cheers!

07:23 AM Sep 24 2009 |




 you can do the best if you want to be that one .someone once make up his mind to do somethng ,he must be success

08:20 AM Sep 24 2009 |



South Korea

Thanks for your reply~kiri10. I hope to be friends with you,too^^. Can you let me know your skype username or email so I can add you on my list? 

11:32 AM Sep 24 2009 |



hello,I am ronald from philippines, 22 and male. I would like to have a friends as what you wish to have too to practice speaking english. You can send me mail at .  

06:52 AM Dec 13 2009 |